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Life Christian University

For ministry educational needs I whole heartedly recommend Life Christian University. It is a well rounded education that is needed today in the Body of Christ. Combine this with the ability to continue to work in the local church, as well as at your current job, and you have a “winning approach” to the issue of continuing Bible education!

Life Christian University was founded in Tampa, Florida by the former Dean of a major Christian university. Frustrated by the lack of solid, Word of Faith based curriculum, he founded Life Christian University. Since then, the single local University campus in Tampa has grown into a system of over twenty-three University extension campuses throughout the United States, and abroad. Life Christian University is fully accredited by ACI, the Accrediting Commission International, which is the accrediting agency for most non-government regulated unaffiliated Christian universities.

What Makes LCU the Best Choice?
  • Our program is spiritually comprehensive and intensely practical.
  • Our program is easily available and personally convenient.
  • Our program is excellent.
  • Our program is affordable.
  • Our students have strong support from Main Campus.
  • We have an excellent reputation.

Comprehensive & Practical

First and foremost in selecting a program of ministry education should be the doctrinal position of the school and the emphasis of the curriculum and courses. LCU believes in the whole counsel of God's Word and that each individual Christian should be spiritually equipped to walk in victory in their own life before launching into ministering to others.

The LCU program is designed to teach the student to walk by faith and receive the Lord's blessing in many areas of their own personal life. This would include exercising faith to live a life of Christ-like character, having peace in their home, receiving divine healing and health for their own body, and divine prosperity to accomplish the work that God has called them to. Having a good working knowledge of the New Testament and the benefits of being a believer are foundational prerequisites for a personal life of victory. After this solid foundation for ministering to others is laid, students may develop in special areas of ministry as they feel called by the Lord.

We firmly believe that the Lord Jesus has greatly promoted the University and given us rapid success because of the strength and anointing on the program of study. He knows what the Body of Christ needs in ministry training in today's world, and we feel extremely blessed to be one of His instruments of that training.

Available & Convenient

Ministry education and the corresponding degrees associated with that education are now available to anyone, anywhere in the world through Life Christian University. Our new online student program allows you, the student, to study at home, at your own pace without having to relocate your family to a traditional university, Bible college or seminary. Most believers who sense the call of God on their lives to do something more for the Kingdom, or to enter into full time ministry, do not have the luxury of interrupting their lives and the lives of their family in order to pursue that call in the old-fashioned, traditional way. LCU has removed all of those obstacles.