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International Convention of Faith Ministries, ICFM, is a ministers organization that ministers to ministers. Founded in 1979, its membership spreads across this nation and around the globe.

In addition to an annual international convention, several regional conventions are held each year. With a bi-monthly Faith Report magazine, and monthly letters from a trustee board member, ICFM endeavors to Contend For, Propagate, and Hold Forth the Word of Faith worldwide.

ICFM is opened to all licensed and ordained ministers as a fellowship organization. Licensing and ordination are also available, but not required in order to be a ministerial member.

As a district director for ICFM, please contact me if you are interested in being a part of this great ministers organization.

ICFM has had a strong impact on my personal life and ministry, and I am personally grateful for all that ICFM has imparted to me.

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