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Pastor's Message

Looking Ahead

January 2011

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year season. Many say they want to get Christ back into Christmas, but like Terry Mize says, “I am concerned with getting Christ back in the Christian!” It is for the church to be the church, a triumphant church! When we were saved we became Christians. Now it is time to actually be the Christians we had become. Thank the Lord He has given us everything needed for this to become a reality in our lives.

This year we are pressing in a little further into the life and nature of God, that we can live conformed to His image and be an imitator of our Father. This is the year to be ‘strengthened with power’ and to be ‘grounded in love.’ It is pressing into His abilities and being founded on His nature. The Word of God tells us that He holds all things together by the Word of His power. We know how powerful His Word is. With His Word He brought all of creation into existence. His Word became flesh in order to dwell among us, to die and be raised for our sins. No Word of God’s is idle, but full of power and able to come to pass. Yet, His Word is a word of His power. Therefore, His Word is not His power, but comes from a source that gives power to His Word. This source of power is His very nature.

The more we conform to His nature, the more powerful His Word becomes in us and through us. Jesus was the express image of the Father’s nature, and we know how powerful He was walking, as our example, as a man on this earth.

This will require more ‘sanctuary’ time. Not meaning time spent in the church, although that is important, but time in His presence whether in the church building or outside the church. Being in church is a good discipline to sit, be still, and hear from heaven within our spirit. We draw near to hear!! As we do this we will be strengthened with power and be grounded in His love. This will cause us to, not only have sanctuary time, but to live in the sanctuary. It is about being a priest in the house of our God.

 2010 has been a rich year, even tho it has been challenging. It has had its battles and wars, but we have stayed on the uncompromising Word of God, and it is this Word we continue to preach. This Word continues to be our life and the richness of life. In 2011 we will have even greater victories in life.

I would like to finish this letter by thanking each of you for your continued support of the ministry. It is your prayers, finances, service, and unity of heart that keeps us going and fulfilling what the Holy Spirit has placed in us for all those in our sphere of influence. The grace, peace, and blessing of the Lord is on you. Go in its strength, and be grounded in its love.

Pastor Bob