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Pastor's Message

Living in the Sanctuary

March 2011

Dear Friends,

2011 has started off the first two months in powerful anointing. This anointing continues to increase as we gather together. I hope you are pulling on this anointing for your life. We certainly understand that the attacks of the enemy continue to come, but the anointing is designed to remove the burden and destroy the yoke. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty! (2Corinthians 3:17)

The Holy Spirit has directed us for Believer's Meetings this year to focus on being a priest of the Most High. In our life we must learn to live in the sanctuary of God, living before Him and in His presence.

After hearing about bringing offerings of praises to God in January's meeting, worship in the sanctuary went to a new level of anointing. This past meeting we heard about offering the sacrifice of our bodies. This living sacrifice is the giving of our lives to God in spiritual service of worship. This is the highest form of worship there is that we can give to God. I am excited to see where the anointing will go as this takes effect in our lives. Of course the anointing on that service was extremely powerful. It was a great time in the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was a time of great joy, cleansing, worship, encouragement, filling, and empowerment. The Holy Spirit also moved by His power to heal and to strengthen.

As I look forward to the March Believer's Meeting, I cannot help but have expectations and anticipation of how the Holy Spirit is going to move. As I've always said, "I come to church to find out what will be said and what will happen." It is unfortunate that so many Christians think that whatever happens in a church meeting is just man's plan. It is so freeing to be able to give the Holy Spirit control and allow Him to move as He desires for the benefit of all. I guess that is why we don't have programs written down to hand out.

If you have never come to a Believer's Meeting I hope you would consider coming. It is only one Sunday evening a month. It is held on the last Sunday of the month at 6pm. You may have children that go to school, but I know our God; He can take care of us in the sanctuary and take care of our children in school. We can talk to our children about God's provision for them, pray with them, and expect that God will move as He has promised. If you have not been to a Believer's Meeting in a while, won't you consider putting it back on your schedule? I know the impartation and blessing of the Lord will be worth your time.

We are looking forward to Dennis Burke being here again March 20-21. Sunday at 10:30am and 6pm. Then Monday 7pm. This is a great time to invite someone. Dennis' unique way of ministering in the joy of the Lord and with his clarity of teaching would bring increase to anyone's life. Let's come prepared to receive impartation from the Spirit of God, and prepared to be a blessing as we sow our seed in extremely fertile soil.

Blessings to you all,

Pastor Bob