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Pastor's Message


August 2009

Dear Friends,

Has the enemy been talking in your ear lately? Has he been telling you that things are tough and you can't expect circumstances to be any better? Has he asked you how can you expect anything to be better for you, when they aren't better for anyone else? Do you think you're special? Well, friend, the answer to that question is absolutely, YES WE ARE!!

We are special in the eyes of God. He is our Father and we are His children. We are the apple of His eye. In Him, we have strong encouragement for the days we live in today.

Philippians 2:1 says, "Therefore if there is any encouragement in Christ, if there is any consolation of love, any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and compassion." The Apostle Paul is talking about encouragement in Christ. Encouragement is the Greek word, paraklesis. This is the same word used for the Holy Spirit, paraclete. In the Holy Spirit is paraklesis, encouragement. It can be translated in various ways. It refers to the multi functional ministry of the Holy Spirit. Wuest says: It is not 'if there is any' encouragement, but since there is certain encouragement.

This is not consolation but encouragement. The translation covers a wide spectrum of meanings; supplication, entreaty, exhortation, admonition, encourage, comfort, console, solace. The meaning is determined by the context of the usage. Need encouragement? Where is it? In Christ. In His presence is encouragement!!!

Do you feel like you need encouragement? Have you been beat up by world? Feeling run down, and run over? Has the voice of the enemy been dragging on you? Been causing you to vacillate, worry, or even lean a little towards feeling hopeless? There is encouragement!!

It is found in His presence. "As the deer pants for the water, my souls pants for Thee O God." (Psalms 42:1) Paraklesis, encouragement, comes from the Greek word parakaleo; To aid, to help, to call, to beseech.

This is a call to come where the speaker is. He is in "The Secret Place." He wants to help. He desires to give you aid. He longs to be an encouragement to you. Call Him along side of you and your circumstances, and you come along side of Him with faith, and by faith!!

Encouragement is in the presence of the Lord. He want us to rise above the feelings of being run over, run down, and being beat up. His encouragement is in Christ and comes by means of the power of the Holy Spirit. In it is the power to lift us to higher ground.

Rise up and meet the implications of encouragement which is to 'Speak in God's Name with the Spirit's power'!! Encouragement raises us from the pit and brings us to the place of the powerful!!!

It starts by taking on the encouraging thoughts of victory in the Word of God. It turns into words of encouragement coming from the Word of God. Then develops into encouraging actions based on the Word of God. These are not just thoughts, words or actions to make you feel better about your situation. These are encouraging thoughts, words, and actions from God's Word, designed to raise you out of the pit, and bring you to the place of the powerful. Then you will speak in the Name of the Lord with the power of the Spirit. Be encouraged, lifted, powerful!!!

Pastor Bob