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Pastor's Message

So Comfortable

August 2010

Dear Friends,

Having been brought up in the Bed Sty section of Brooklyn NY, my childhood was quite interesting. Before the age of 7, my brother and I would be chased by gangs all the time. Even at a young age I knew one person can't be tougher than a gang; so just run faster than them!

Racial issues were a real problem(which I could never understand). We lived in a roach infested apartment house, run by a slum-lord. If you turned on the lights at night, the white counter tops would be totally black with roaches. There were rats as big as cats!

There was much crime in the streets. Houses were always being robbed. People were attacked everyday, and everyplace. When I got older, there were many riots in the streets. Fights in schools, and fights with schools against other schools. There was always trouble to be found. I did not live in areas, or know people that didn't live in trouble. Trouble was all around. This was life for me, growing up in NY.

One day, when I was older, Uncle Sam knocked on my door and wanted to give me an overseas trip to Asia, to a country called Vietnam. One month before that was to happen I joined the Air Force for four years.

My first 18 months was spent in the states. Small towns, clean places with friendly people. But I longed for NY. I was comfortable in NY. Small didn't matter, clean didn't matter, the friendliness of the people didn't matter. I wanted what I was comfortable with. I wanted to get back to NY. But I was in the military, I could not just leave. I had to make a decision. I would either get use to my new surroundings, or live in complete frustration. I wanted what was comfortable, but there was no going back.

Many people come into the Kingdom of God, and find that it is not what they are used to. It is not comfortable for them. It is different than what they are used to. They want to go back to the way it was. Even though I was comfortable living in NY, it was not the best that life had to offer.

When I went overseas I found still another way of life. It had a different language. They used different currency. And once again, if I did not get use to it, I would be living in total frustration. I joined the military, I was 'all in', there was no going back.

In the Kingdom of God there is a different language. It is the Word of God. There is a different currency. It is called faith. The Holy Spirit is our tour guide to help us get around, and learn all about this new Kingdom, and all it has to offer.

Every time I went to a new city or country, I was nervous about the change. But I settled in because I knew there was no going back. I knew quite a few guys that would not settle in, and their time spent in those places was nothing short of total frustration.

Like putting on a well worn pair of comfortable shoes, or broken in blue jeans, we do not want to put on a new pair, and start the 'breaking in process' all over again. Maybe you spent a lot of time getting to where you are now, and you are comfortable. But the best of life is right on the other side of another 'breaking in process'. It is called 'Advancement'.

Don't be nervous about change, embrace it. It is the only pathway to increase. No matter where you are at, increase is right on the other side of 'breaking in' a new change the Word of God is offering you. Don't live in frustration. If you are in the Kingdom, there is no going back. If you are not in the Kingdom, it is time to come in. "For all those that believe in the Lord Jesus, and His being raised from the dead, shall be saved" "And all those that trust in the Lord, shall not be disappointed." Not frustrated.

In the Kingdom? Let's be "ALL IN" Is it time to start a new 'breaking in process'? Let's step into the place called advancement. It's right on the other side of comfortable.

Pastor Bob