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Pastor's Videos

Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob has a series of videos on Youtube.com. Click on one of the links below to view and be prepared to be moved by their uplifting messages.

Sweating the Small Stuff
It is the little things that count. We must start with the small things to build up to the bigger things

Ministry of the Holy Spirit with Worship
Song and Ministry as directed by the Holy Spirit

Unscripted Comments
This is the operation of faith

Easily Usable

The Big Squeeze Part 2
Don't allow the traditions of the world to pressure you when you can put more pressure on the world.

The Big Squeeze
We can conform or transform.

Song of Fatihfulness
Faithfulness is to lead us in our life.

Our Caretaker
Jesus is more than enough in all situations. We must settle the fact of faith.

Favors of God
There is a process to accessing the favors of God in our life

Spiritual Song
A powerful song with the gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation. Listen and be blessed!

Going to a Higher Level
God's desire is for each of us to move to higher levels in life, and He has a plan for us to reach it.

Dennis Burke 2014
Dr Dennis Burke's upcoming Meetings at New Life Family Worship. Sunday Feb 16th 10.30am/6pm. Monday Feb 17th 7pm. 28330 Bermont Rd Punta Gorda FL 941-639-1700 nlfw@embarqmail.com

Miranda's Testimony
Cooperating with the prophetic word will bring results in your life!

Finding Ourselves
Finding yourself is finding life

New Beginnings
God is a God of new beginnings.

Provision in Famine
Keep the supply lines opened and allow God to meet your needs at all times.

The Greater One
Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!!

Promise of the Tithe
The Word of God is full of promises and He gives us an avenue to attach ourselves to them.

Judging Accusations
As a child of God we have the God given authority to judges voices of accusation and condemnation. It is a part of our inheritance.

God Our Treasure
I know you will be blessed by this spontaneous Holy Spirit directed song. Let His anointing just fill your spirit and flood into your soul as you listen to God our Treasure and worship Him

Great Grace
The grace of God is greater than anything the world could ever throw at us. It is more abundant than any sin or even it's effects. Grace is Greater!

Great Grace Pt 2
Grace is greater than all of the stresses, pressures, or troubles that are coming against you. Grace has given us authority and dominion over all of it.

Strong and
Courageous Pt 1
Joshua was getting ready to face the most monumental obstacle he had ever dealt with. Pressure was coming from the people more than ever. He never faced responsibility like he was about to take on. The Lord said his answer was in being strong and courageous.

Strong and Courageous Pt 2
The Word of God tells us to be strong and courageous. He has already provided everything we need in order to be victorious and to be an overcomer in this life. He has also supplies what we need in order to accomplish His will on the earth.

Will You
Be Whole Pt 1
There is a major difference between being healed and being made whole. Will you be whole? Find out how in this first of a two part video.

Will You Be Whole Pt 2
Part two on the need to be whole rather than just be healed, as good as that is in itself.

Given Grace
Grace has been given to us as believers in order that we can keep darkness driven out and that it would have no place in us or in our life.

Darkness is no match
for the Light 2
What God says is the absloute truth. We can put His words in our heart and in our mouth. Then we will have His words come to pass in our life. Darkness cannot stop it!!

Darkness is no match
for the Light
Darkness can never over power the Light. If we continue in the Light, we will continue to live in the victory that the Light has provided.

Eliminate the Threat
Don't settle for defeating your enemy, the devil, but learn to eliminate all future threats. If he can't frighten you with threats, then he can't win and the victory belongs to you!!

Eliminate the Threat 2
The enemy wants to threaten you, but you can eliminate all threats and live victoriously.

Fully Persuaded
The Laws of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the laws of sin and death. Live by the Spirit and live free

A Deeper Relationship
We can develop a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit who is in us. As we do, we will become more deeply and fully persuaded in our faith.

Believe with Certainty
There is a work that goes along with believing. Jesus said, "The work is to believe"

Believe with Certainty 2
There is a work that goes along with believing. Jesus said, "The work is to believe"

Believe with
Certainty 3
Accomplishing things Gods way is not always the fast way, but it is the only way that works with lasting results.

Faith for Life
Faith is designed for living. It is not only for times of problems, but for all times. It is to be the lifestyle of the believer.

Living by The Word
Jesus was the sacrifice for our sins. He was our substitute and bore away our sin, sickness, diseases, calamities, anxieties, pain and sorrows. He is the Living Word sent to heal us and deliver us from our destructions.

Living by the Word 2
The Word of God declares all that God has made us to be as all that He has provided for us. As a new creature in Christ it is important that we know who we are and what belongs to us, and to have thiese things in our mouth.

The Force of Authority
All authority has been given to Jesus. We, the church in relationship with Him, are in Him and therefore the authority belongs to us also. The only authority outside the church is the authority the church has given or lost because of not knowing what authority belongs to them. There is a powerful force behind this authority that can be unleashed in the earth today!!

The Force of Authority 2
The force of authority comes from the force behind the user of the authority, not the giver of it. If we will be in a position to be a conduit for the Word of God to move with authority through faith and the Holy Spirit, then the inherent power of the Word will perform its work through us.

The Imperishable Seed
A funny illustration to show that it is all about genetics. What were you born of? What were you born into? Our genetics can now be of our Father God.

Doing the Work
When Jesus became Lord of our life we were seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Our perspective should be from heaven to earth rather than from earth to heaven. The correct viewpoint will determine the possibilities of victory in each of the circumstances we encounter.

Free from the Past 1
We are free from the past. In this short video of part one I talk about the past blindings that have taken place in our life. These things have affected the way we think and perceive situations and caused us to create defense mechanisms to try to protect us from being hurt again.

Free from the Past 2
In part two we find that Jesus came to set at liberty those that have been bruised of life. How He does it and what He delivers us from is astounding!!

Free from the Past 3
We are to not only have releif from our problems and issues, but Jesus came so we can have total relaese and victory over them all.

Healing Pt. 1
It is Father God's desires for all to be healed. Jesus provided healing for all. The Holy Spirit has brought it for us to partake of it. Faith is the confidence of access.

Healing Pt. 2

Healing Pt. 3
God's will for us all is healing. Jesus died so we can be healed. When He paid for our sins He also carried our sickness. As a believer we can be forgiven of sin, we can also be healed of sickness.

Infused Pt. 1
The first promise to every believer is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes with ability, power, efficiency, and might. Jesus said it was important that the Holy Spirit come to us.

Infused Pt. 2
The Holy Spirit is the first promise to all believers. When it comes to the things of God our mind is totally out of the loop. But when He shows up in our life we will understand what He has said. Don't be in a rush, don't put God on a time limit because He certainly is worth waiting for. He is right on the other side of our time limits.

Moving Forward
I hope you enjoy this illustrative teaching on how Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. This kind of life is designed by God to produce abundance in our living. Jesus came so we could have more, and a better life than we ever dreamed of. This is life with all of its advantages.

Removing a Victim Mentality
We don't have to live like a victim. The victim mentality can be removed in Jesus and we can live in victory!!

Why Jesus was Born
Jesus was born for you and for me. Find out the reasons He was born and enjoy living life to the fullest. A life of freedom, deliverance, health, prosperity and peace.

Living in the Glory
We are not only made in the image of the glory of God, but we are designed to live in it now, and forever.

A Life that Overcomes
We are designed to live as overcomers in our life. There is nothing that comes against us that we cannot defeat. Jesus has made it all possible. He is the answer to lifes problems. Remember: What you learned about life, just may not have been the truth.

The Enemy's Image for Mankind
Don't settle for the image Satan wants to give you. As a child of God, there is a divine image that has been given to you for every area of life. We cannot cover all areas in this short video, but I hope you will enjoy some of the comical illustrations that are described in this video.

Life and Confession
It is not only about what we say but also how we live. Our ife needs to flow from our heart and our words come from our heart. in agreement. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. When our life and confession agree, we will be heard in heaven.

Holding Tight
We must hold tight to faith and not let it be stolen away nor shoud we be ditracted from it. Hold tight to the promise because He who promised is faithful.

The Now Realm & The Time Realm
We live in two realms. One is the NOW realm and the other is the TIME realm. When we understand both of these we will be able to receive from the Word of God in an easier fashion.

Strength of Life
There is strength available in order to continue in the days we live.

Strength of Life Part 2
There is strength available in order to continue in the days we live.

Directing Our Life

You Don't Look Like

A Mind Free of Pressure
The Apostle Paul said that in the last days stressful, troubled, pressured , difficult times will come. These times may come, but they do not have to come to us. And we do not need to have a mind under pressure. We can be free from these pressures and live in the peace Jesus intended for us.

A Mind Free of Pressure Part 2

Family Relationships
God has a design for proper family relationships between parents and children. Living in thes relationships rightly produces the promises of God in our life.

Working Relationships
The Word of God gives us an outline for functioning properly in our working relationships. When we follow this guideline, not only will our relationships be fuller, but working will become a joy.

God's Image
We have been created in God's image. Our flesh comes from our parents but our life, the spirit being, the real us, comes from God Himself.
We died to sin but became brand new in Christ. Our image is now of one who is a victorious conqueror in Christ now, and into eternity.

His Banner of Love

Submitted to
One Another
Relationships were designed by God. Even in our everyday relationships with other people, they can be so much better when we live them within the design of the One who created them.

Mutual Submission in Marriage
There is nothing in life like a marriage that functions in agreement with God's Word. The Bible is the manual to not only a successful, but also a marriage that is totally fulfilling in every part of our relationship.

Leaving Past
Hurts Behind
There are past hurts that have dostorted our perceptions and causes many of our decisions to bring trouble into our life. These hurts direct us, guide us, and push us to create defenses and contains us in a prison.
There is freedom from these hurts. Total deliverance that can set us free.

Leaving Past Hurts Behind Pt 2
There is freedom for those that have been bruised by life's experiences

How to Change
our Life
There is a way to change our life so we don't have to live in the frustrations of trying but can enjoy the success of doing.

Satan's Attempt to Destroy Christianity
Satan has always tried to destroy Christianity but never will. The power of God is our protection and our decision keeps us connected.

Living Faith
Faith must come alive in us for it to be powerful and useful. It is not a matter of reasoning, but that which is living within us.

Living in the Sanctuary
In His presence is fulness of joy. As a priest before God we live in His sanctuary offering up acceptable sacrifices to Him. We don't need to be religious, just being restored and renewed.

Using the
Word Accurately

Remodeling Our Soul
A funny illustration about not waiting for the pressures of life to push you into what you know you should do.

Dwelling at
Satan's Throne
There is victory even when one is dwelling where Satan's throne is. Therefore, no matter where our life is at, there is victory available.

Streams of Joy

Developing Leaders
We need to be developing leaders in our churches. Let's go to the next leve of the anointing in the Body of Christ.

Description of Son of Man
Seeing the real, living Jesus. He is here for us who believe.

First Time
in Church
Funny first time situations in church. How perceptions affect our outlook.

Early Love
Remembering the early way of loving. Are you still there? Go back to the way it was.

Take Care
Be Calm
When pressures come against you, it is not time to shake in fear. That is the time to Take Care, Be Calm, and Have no Fear!!!!

Removing Limitations
When limitations are being removed, more freedom comes into our life.

Strong Foundation Pt 1
To be a winner over the problems of life we must build on a strong foundation. This is one that cannot be blown away by the storms of adversity.

Strong Foundation Pt 2
Be able to stand the storms of life. You don't have to be blown away.